“We want [Marco] Rubio in, we want Christie in, we want Bush in, we want Romney in, that would be great,” Vernon Robinson, campaign director of a national effort to draft Ben Carson for a 2016 run, told msnbc. “It’s better to have eight liberal Republicans than one.”

A split establishment field only takes care of half the problem, however. They also need to settle on a champion of their own and the anti-establishment field may be even more crowded in 2016 than it was in 2012.

“Everyone is going to have to start coalescing behind one or two candidates as they go towards the finish line in the primary to really get enough votes,” Rob Maness, a Senate candidate in Louisiana last year, told msnbc…

“I know how this story ends,” Peggie Bushey, a local activist with the Republican Liberty Caucus, sighed to msnbc. “We can stamp our feet and cry and beg, but the establishment gets who it wants.”