All signs point to the 43-year-old Rubio choosing one of three options he will have available in 2016: run for president, run for re-election, or quit politics and do something else. 

And as of now, people in Rubio’s orbit aren’t sure which way he’s leaning. 

“Ask me again in January,” one source close to Rubio told RCP, summing up the uncertainty. 

Rubio’s advisers acknowledge that the former speaker of the Florida House of Representatives has been frustrated the last four years by the U.S. Senate’s struggle to achieve even low-level functionality.  

Members of his own party stymied Rubio’s high-profile push for immigration reform last year, and the Senate’s glacial pace is not well suited for his energetic temperament.  

But with the impending change of leadership in the upper chamber, some people close to Rubio believe he is likely to see what he can help accomplish in a Republican-led Senate rather than risk an uphill battle for the presidency.