But there’s something else, too — a sense of fear and foreboding among middle-aged and older whites, especially men.

The America of their youth is vanishing. It even looks different; it’s browner. Often it doesn’t even speak English. And it fights political wars that no longer produce victory parades and the glory that accompanies them.

What they’re feeling is a toxic mix of nostalgia and more than a little hostility. Democrats must begin to acknowledge this and work to dispel these white fears and feelings if they’re to recover their election mojo.

I know working class America. It’s the kind of family I come from. Most whites I’ve talked to appear to sympathize with Hispanics who’ve been here a while, sometimes years, and yearn for citizenship. But many also are put off by the organized Hispanic campaign for citizenship now — right now — and for rights to which those here illegally are not entitled.