But Barack Obama…he’s a different beast, isn’t he? He’s fond of insisting that because Obamacare passed along strict party lines back in 2010, when the Democrats had majorities in the House and the Senate, that it’s a done deal. Will of the people, that sort of thing. Even the Supreme Court upheld it. Suck it, Republicans. I won – get over it. His pique is understandable, even as I wish Obamacare had never been passed, much less upheld. But it also helped spark a Republican resurgence in the 2010 midterms and the Democrats lost the House. They didn’t lose in spite of your programs, Mr. President. They lost because of your first two years in office, when you signed on to Bush’s TARP plan, pushed a stimulus that failed by your own predicted measures of success, and forced through a health-care plan that people still don’t like. Then you compounded legislative issues by failing to kick the asses of sorry little functionaries like John Boehner and Harry Reid to pass budgets on a regular basis. If you had forced the budget process, most Americans would never have learned of the debt-limit whose increase you used to rail against (it’s hard for Congress not to pass increases to pay for spending it budgeted).

Like a head-in-the-clouds grad-school layabout, you yourself were late on just about everything too, such as this year’s budget plan. Think about it: You became unpopular enough that Americans were willing to vote back into partial power the same team that gave us the goddamn Bush years.

You lost total control of the federal government and thus the ability to not offer anything. Get over it. Figure out how to fix the impasse and spend way more money than the American people think the government should be spending.