2) Diarrhea.

“Over the course of our time together, she spoke with similar excitement about malaria-preventing bed nets, the regulated price of AIDS medication, and—her personal favorite—diarrhea as a public health hazard. “I think it’s unconscionable that so many people die of a disease that, in our country, could be treated with Pepto-Bismol,” she says. And you have to hand it to her: When Chelsea tells you about it, diarrhea indeed sounds fascinating—and important.”

3) Cronyism.

“Shortly after our return from Africa, The New York Times ran a story criticizing the foundation for mismanagement of funds and cronyism. When I ask her what it’s like to wake up to criticism like that, she takes issue with some of the charges but is thoughtful and measured. “When people say crazy stuff about me or my family, I don’t take it seriously. Someone didn’t like what I wore? I don’t care about that. But there’s also criticism that I take seriously—if the foundation wasn’t represented in the way that it should be? That you have to learn from.””