To avoid a partial government shutdown, both chambers of Congress must reach an agreement by Tuesday, the start of the new fiscal year. The Senate adjourned on Friday until Monday afternoon, and senators are not expected to return early to respond to the House’s latest proffer.

But according to a Senate aide and a House Democrat, Reid will move to table the House amendments to delay Obamacare and repeal the medical device tax. Reid also plans to shorten the time-frame for continued government funding under the bill and have the CR expire Nov. 15 rather than Dec. 15.

That means the Senate is poised to send back exactly the same language it sent to the House on Friday, according to the aide. And that would leave House Republicans in a position of accepting a so-called “clean CR” or forcing a government shutdown on Tuesday.

According to House Republicans, Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, and his lieutenants already are considering how to devise an eleventh-hour response that could be acceptable to a majority of conservatives in his conference if the Senate does not budge.