No potential Democratic candidates have appeared in Iowa for the 2016 cycle. This marks a major change from the last competitive Iowa Democratic caucuses. By this time in 2005, John Edwards had already visited the state twice, Mark Warner had spent two days in the state and several others had already planned visits. When the Iowa Democratic Party held a major fundraiser in June, the keynote speaker was Tom Harkin, the state’s longtime Democratic senator.

One Iowa political insider has heard rumblings that Maryland governor Martin O’Malley might be considering making a visit to the Hawkeye State soon, but this was shot down by Lis Smith, an O’Malley advisor, who said that the Maryland governor had “no plans” to visit the state in the near future.

According to Jerry Crawford, a trial attorney and major Democratic powerbroker in the state, there’s one reason and one reason why no Democrats are visiting the state, Hillary Clinton. As Crawford, who was a Clinton backer in 2008, told the Daily Beast, Democrats have “an extraordinarily strong presumptive frontrunner and most people are of the view that they should not actively pursue [the nomination], until Hillary has made up their mind.”