Democrats received 75 percent of the campaign contributions I could trace to employees of the IRS Cincinnati office over the last three election cycles. In the 2012 election, every donation traceable to this office went to President Obama or liberal Sen. Sherrod Brown.

This is an environment where even those trying to be fair could develop a disproportionate distrust of the Tea Party.

One IRS worker — a member of NTEU and contributor to its PAC, which gives 96 percent of its money to Democratic candidates — explained it this way: “The reason NTEU mostly supports Democratic candidates for office is because Democratic candidates are mostly more supportive of civil servants/government employees.”

Another IRS employee made a similar point in an email to me: “Do you think people willing to sacrifice lucrative private sector careers to work in tax administration … are generally going to support the party directed by Grover Norquist?” he asked, rhetorically, referring to the head of Americans for Tax Reform, which lobbies to cut taxes and shrink government.