Consider this: As Romney learned, history says it’s difficult to defeat a sitting president in the modern era. But it is arguably even harder for a political party to win three consecutive presidential elections.

Only George H.W. Bush (who was essentially awarded Reagan’s third term) has pulled it off in the last fifty, or so, years. And that’s just what Democrats will attempt to do. What is more, in all likelihood, they will nominate Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden. Having passed the torch to a new generation of leaders, what are the odds Americans will choose to go backwards generationally? …

But what about 2014? The president’s party typically loses seats during mid-term elections, and since Republicans already control the House, it’s probably safe to assume they will retain control at least until 2016.

Meanwhile, the Senate seems poised for Republican pickups next year. Democratic incumbents are defending seats in states like Alaska, Arkansas, Iowa, Louisiana, Montana, North Carolina, and the news keeps getting worse.