The training program takes place in Barry Township, a community 25 miles northeast of Kalamazoo with fewer than 4,000 inhabitants. Over the course of twelve weeks, enrollees get 60 hours of training about the law, application and use of force, defensive tactics, handgun use and safety, and other basics. The current class has 31 members, including two teachers and an administrator. Pierce plans to provide those who complete the program with ongoing training. Under Michigan state law, schools are gun-free zones, meaning that even residents with concealed-carry permits are not permitted to possess guns on campus. However, the federal Law Enforcement Officer Safety Act, signed by George W. Bush in 2004, exempts qualified law-enforcement officers from local and state prohibitions on the carrying of concealed firearms. The relation between the federal law and state law remains ambiguous, but Pierce has collaborated with the local school district, hoping to get its full blessing. His approach prepares teachers to protect their students, and it also ensures their legal status as law-enforcement officers.