Seniors needing hospital care will be shocked at cutbacks. Section 3000A of the law awards bonus points to the hospitals that spend the least per senior. Hospitals are even whacked for what Medicare patients consume in the 30 days after discharge, including physical therapy.

Hospital patients of all ages will wait longer for a nurse. Cuts to Medicare pay for over half the law, and this will mean $247 billion less for hospitals over the next decade; the layoffs are already starting.

Other chaos will abound. Consumers trying to get their insurance from a state exchange will have to hand their Social Security Number and 15 pages of financial and family information to exchange “assisters” — temps often hired from community groups. In California, civil-rights activists are fighting to prevent background checks for would-be “assisters” because it would disqualify too many minority men with prior convictions.

Since only Democrats voted to impose ObamaCare on America, there’s no question who voters will blame for this colossal mess. The chances for a new Pelosi speakership are minuscule; we’re more likely to see Republicans win control of the Senate.