First, the letters only surfaced on the “Kekua” Twitter account after her purported September 2012 death. The locked account had been renamed @LoveMSMK and appeared to become a memorial, of sorts, to “Kekua” (it carried the phrase “Sleep beautifully our sweet angel”). While “Kekua” was alive, the Twitter account had two names, @lovalovaloveYOU and @LennayKay, both of which were used to communicate with Te’o.

Additionally, the uploading of the “proof of life” photo to @LoveMSMK showed that “Kekua” maintained control of the Twitter account from which she once regularly sent messages to Te’o (and received tweets from the football player).

If Te’o was somehow involved in the hoax, there would have been no need for Tuiasosopo to scheme to obtain a fresh photo of O’Meara. Or to upload that December image to the “Kekua” Twitter account. He did it simply in a bid to further bamboozle the stunningly naïve Te’o.