That way forward is pretty straightforward — focus on strengthening families who will be there for each other tomorrow even if social security is not, focus on opposing corporatist policies that are out to strengthen big business at the expend of small businesses and individuals, and focus on the debt burden that makes parents fearful of the lives their children will live.

President Obama’s policies have benefited the biggest businesses. He has allied with businesses like Walmart to hurt small businesses. He has allied with big banks to hurt small banks. He has allied with unions to hurt business. And he has allied himself with the rise of singles, which makes children in families slaves to a social safety net their future income must necessarily support.

People want a renewed sense of community. The GOP should tap into that nostalgia, which directly connects with a time of strong families and main street businesses. Though the President’s rhetoric matches the age, the GOP is the only party whose policies truly can match the age.