Sugar daddies tend not to be looking for dates for the big inaugural balls, but rather to dine at fancy restaurants, or meet for drinks at the hotel where the sugar daddy is staying. “Since many of these individuals are important political figures, they generally desire privacy,” SeekingArrangement’s spokesperson explained. (Also, roughly 40 percent of registered sugar daddies are married, so there’s that.) High profile individuals who haven’t been careful with their “arrangements” have been exposed in the past. “We had a situation where a very wealthy DuPont heir used the website in a way that I would not recommend and he ended up being blackmailed in a relatively public manner,” Wade recalls. (He’s referring to Stephen Dent — read about that scandal here.)

While Wade’s team works overtime to approve new members as quickly as possible (they have to make sure sure sugar babies’ photos don’t appear on escort sites, and things like that) Bella is thinking about what to wear to her big swingers’ soiree. “I’m not a real red-white-and-blue kind of girl so I’m going to have to piece together an outfit,” she says. “I usually do crazy outfits based on what’s in my closet. I might do a scarf — use it as a top or a skirt.”

Hopefully, this inauguration will be slightly warmer than the last one.