“There’s a bipartisan group of members who have been meeting for three or four years now,” Boehner told the Ripon Society. “Frankly, I think they basically have an agreement. I’ve not seen the agreement. I don’t know all the pitfalls. But it’s, in my view, the right group of members.”

“My theory was that if these folks could work this out, it’d be a big step in the right direction,” Boehner said, describing the group has one that includes both “hard heads” on the Republican side, as well advocates of immigration reform. “So I would think you’re likely to hear a lot more about immigration reform on the House side soon.”

A spokesman for Boehner told the Post that Boehner was referring merely to conversations between members. “Informal groups of members constantly meet to discuss all kinds of issues–including immigration,” said spokesman Michael Steel.