Abolish OSHA—the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Considering the epidemic explosion of Americans going onto permanent disability in the last few years, OSHA should be disbanded on the grounds of rank incompetence. Either that, or somebody needs to put the kibosh on the disability scam, because the American taxpayer shouldn’t have to pay for both a safety bureaucracy and record numbers of workers on disability.

Here’s a big one: Privatize Social Security. Not in the timid way clumsily proposed by George W. Bush, but if the government is going to remain in the pension business at all (a dubious proposition), set up a private account for each worker with his or her own name on it. Don’t ever let contributions to workers enter the U.S. Treasury. Pay off accrued benefits with a combination of cash and tradable shares in U.S. government assets (e.g., land, oil and gas leasing properties).

If Speaker of the House Boehner had a single radical bone in his body, he would at least argue that any tax increase should only be passed with an expiration date. Why should only tax cuts be scheduled ahead of time to expire, but not tax hikes?