GOP pollster Leslie Sanchez said the political battle is necessary for Republicans not to lose Hispanics permanently.

“As Republicans we have fixed ideas in our minds about what immigration reform is. There’s a good healthy balance and the clock is ticking politically on this,” she said.

The difficulty for House Republicans is that many come from heavily white districts and face a bigger threat from primary challenges than in the general election. Embracing comprehensive immigration reform could mean risking primary defeat…

“They appear to be making a pure political calculation regardless of principle and policy because they think it’ll garner votes,” Kobach told The Hill. “I think individuals like Krauthammer and Boehner may have their thoughts they’ve developed from their high perches but members of Congress are in touch with voters and citizens of America are very anti-amnesty… we have 20 million people unemployed and Republican leaders and now saying it’s time for amnesty? That’s absurd.”