The simple but brilliant solution to bring about peaceful coexistence: Washington would mind its own business. The Framers specifically refused to transform local customs or mores into a ‘one size fits all’ monstrosity. Different regions had distinct cultural dynamics. America’s de-centralized political establishment dating back to the colonial era remained intact. Federal control was checked.

We’ve strayed, but Washington would be wise to refrain from most of the domestic functions it has wrongly undertaken since the New Deal. Federal meddling in moral matters, the distribution of relief, education, healthcare, agriculture and myriad other domestic considerations ought to cease.

Mr. Romney rightly suggested legislation like Obamacare should be determined by states. He should have taken federalist logic further to include poverty programs and other entitlements. Republicans did propose block funding for Medicaid to begin stabilizing the national budget. This plan would likely enhance efficiency, but social insurance initiatives ought to be eased entirely back to state capitols.