What is this election about? For me, I suppose it’s what every election in my lifetime has been about: how to best solve our problems and leave our children an improved country, where they will have better opportunities to pursue happiness than their parents did. For my daughter, I hope it’s about accepting that America is her responsibility as much as it is the president’s.

I hope she made her decision based on a reasonable understanding of the challenges that confront us and with a rational, respectful regard for the different solutions offered by the two candidates. I hope she is better informed about those differences and the abilities and character qualities of the candidates than I was at her age (or that our hyperbolic political culture and frivolous media appear to be). I hope she voted because she believes human nature at liberty can rise above its weaknesses and make society and the world more prosperous, just and peaceful.

If she voted for the candidate she believed would best advance that proposition; if she voted because she believes America is her responsibility; and, no matter which candidate prevails, if she prays tonight for God to give the winner the wisdom and humility to govern well, then I will be as proud of her as I’ve always been.