As for President Obama, he has played nice for far too long, unwilling to load up the administration with his nominees through the constitutionally protected avenue of recess appointments.

It’s hilarious to listen to strict constructionist conservatives talk about the U.S. Constitution as a hallowed document, only to hear their chagrin when someone actually follows it.

Every president has the right to make recess appointments, and if you hear the GOP critics, you would swear Presidents George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush didn’t use the power of recess appointments to fill vacancies. But they did, specifically with the National Labor Relations Board, the same group that now has three open slots that the GOP has been blocking President Obama from filling.

This is a silly, partisan game that I can’t stand. Every president should be able to appoint a team to his liking. Yes, the U.S. Constitution says the U.S. Senate gets to “advise and consent,” but it says nothing about holding up appointments in perpetuity.