One month ago, one of the biggest stories was the Occupy Wall Street movement. But that was one month ago. From violence and murder to rapes and disease, OWS has been shown as the blight that it truly is. And because of it, despite the shrieking from the Main Stream Media, Americans have rejected Occupy Wall Street and its socialistic values.

This is no more evident than’s website, which was created by the founders of the protests just before the “movement” went national. Their readership peaked in early October and has plummeted since. As the Web Information Company Alexa reports, was one of the internet’s 2,500 biggest sites just two months ago.

And yet, as they lose tens of thousands of hits, their ranking continues to fall. For the last month, the site was ranked only as the 6,613th biggest on the internet. But it gets much worse for OWS. That rank is only an average, including early in the month when the site was still peaking.

In fact, for the last week, their site is only the 14,149 biggest, and yesterday alone it was the 17,412th biggest. In comparison, the conservative site Free Republic was ranked as the 4,157th biggest site on the internet yesterday, and was the 4,372th biggest one month ago.