You remember your grandfather with respect because he worked hard, made sure the household stayed afloat, earned the money, and warned of things: Don’t run up debt, be true to your word. Because he saved, your father went to engineering school and your family was lifted up.

You acknowledge this and speak of it with pride. But you know what you remember with a surge of love? When grandma used to slip you a five. When she’d put her hands in her pockets and bring out candies she brought just for you.

Grandpa was protective: He locked the door and paid the bills. Grandma would have a drink Sunday night and talk about how you should all go to France on a steamer and eat eclairs.

You know grandpa was a Republican. You survived because of him. You know grandma was a Democrat. She made life fun. At his worst, he was a bit of a scold. At her worst, she was dreamy and scattered. Actually, maybe that’s a definition of the best of the old bipartisanship.