The jobs crisis is an American problem. It isn’t President Barack Obama’s problem and it isn’t a Republican or Democrat problem. All Americans need to come together to create good jobs for the good of our economy and the good of our great country.

Unfortunately, that’s not the way they see it. And they have powerful allies in the media. We saw the stark evidence last week when outlets such as Fox News and the Drudge Report edited a clip of my Labor Day speech and created a media firestorm. There wasn’t even smoke.

We shouldn’t be surprised that some media outlets distorted a comment about voting tea party politicians out of office. We’ve all seen how these media outlets work. They try to bully and intimidate. They create fake news to distract the public from their real agenda of lowering wages for American workers. They ignore the failures of politicians who duck the tough challenges of creating good-paying jobs, jump-starting an anemic economy and leaving behind a better America for our children and grandchildren.

I stand by my criticism of elected officials who are out to destroy the middle class.