Meanwhile, the moronic liberal elite tries to keep kids “engaged” in the classroom with video games. It is the antithesis of education, which begins with discipline and extended concentration span. A tsunami of talent is spilling out of Asia — not just musicians and artists, but mathematicians and engineers and physicists who are as comfortable with Mozart as with quantum mechanics. The entry of Asia into the global economy and world culture has raised the bar. It’s a bit like the American Jews of two generations ago, who worked harder than the WASPs and succeeded disproportionately, to the discomfiture of admissions committees at Ivy League universities. The difference is that there are a thousand times more Chinese than Jews! The average level of Chinese education is still pretty poor, but the absolute numbers are so great that we can expect a few million top-notch creative minds to hit the job market over the next ten years.

I used to hire Chinese mathematicians and programmers on Wall Street. The brass used to joke about “Chinese quants” as if they were a generic entity — “just throw more Chinese quants at the problem.” They worked in the background, logging improbably long hours, and earned a fraction of what the frat-boy salesman took in peddling toxic waste. The Chinese weren’t nerdy in the least. To get into an American university and then Wall Street, they had to compete ferociously. Given the chance, many of them became brilliant entrepreneurs.