Like the Tea Party, Trig’s Crew has represented the very best of mainstream America as they engaged in an inspiring First Amendment online debate with dignity and decency. So commendable is their behavior, that Slate’s Dave Weigel obviously had to dig pretty deep to come up with this single tweet — one of thousands — in order to manufacture something (which required some back-filling in the form of a later update) that might tarnish the whole movement as “jumping the shark.” Obviously, this is the MSM-Alinsky-Tea Party-Playbook all over again — where a single and unique negative out of an ocean of positives is intentionally amplified to unfairly brand the kind of grassroots campaign elites always find so threatening.


Let me encourage you to root around #TrigsCrew. Though the trolls are starting to show up (uncharacteristically late), what I think you’ll see is what I do: A group of people who would immediately attempt to reproduce the last few days if Barack Obama’s daughters were politically weaponized against him by one of his online critics. Not that they would have to. As we saw with their outrage over that appalling chimp email and the near-unanimous ignoring of Wonkette, the MSM finds some righteous causes more equal than others.