Utah might see yet another contentious challenge, with two-term Republican Rep. Jason Chaffetz candidly expressing interest in challenging the Senate’s second-most senior Republican. Chaffetz, 43, told POLITICO he’s “thinking about” challenging Hatch and would make a final decision “roughly” this time next year.

“The reality is that Sen. Hatch would be asking voters to keep him office until he was 84 years and 42 years in a row,” said Chaffetz. “That seems a bit much to a lot of people – including me.”…

In Maine, polls show ominous signs for Snowe. Even though she has some of the highest job approval ratings of any senator up for re-election in 2012, a September Public Policy Polling survey of likely Republican voters showed Snowe losing by a wide margin to a generic “more conservative” candidate, 29 percent to 63 percent.

When matched against 2006 GOP gubernatorial nominee Chandler Woodcock – who a PPP spokesman said was merely a placeholder in the survey—Snowe trailed by a 24-point margin.