Gazing at him, I realized how desperately important it is for there to be breathable air left when he comes of age, and perhaps the merest hint of an ozone layer.

I pray that the girls he dates someday will still be able to get birth control safely and easily, and that they will still have the constitutional right to choice. And if my grandson dates boys instead, that there not be institutionalized bigotry that shames him and his partner. And that the forces of social justice prevail, against all odds, so that he and this boy of his have the same rights as other married couples, so they can adopt children and make me a great-grandmother.

It’s imperative that there are still safety nets like Social Security and Medicare when his children come of age, so that great-granny does not need to move in with them. And that the men and women in the White House have somehow managed not to nuke Iran, or lie their way into another war for oil or corporate profit, like certain people I could mention.