That’s right, all you moms out there who tell your daughters to “date the geeky guy; he’ll grow up to be a prince” — think again. Geeks rule the planet now. They’re rich. They’re well connected (at least on Facebook). And guess what? They sometimes like to compensate for all those cheerleaders who ignored them by doing what they couldn’t do in high school: dating as many hot women as they can — and then dumping them.

Look, I can’t say for certain that Orszag was a nerd in high school (hey, he might have been prom king), and so it’s possible that he doesn’t have all the qualities that fit that uniquely pernicious form of roguishness I’ll call recovering-nerd syndrome. But let’s face it, the era of the former high school quarterback as alpha male is rapidly coming to a close. It may be advantageous to be a football star while you’re actually in high school, but these days, the game changes significantly after graduation. The brainiacs take over. And they date news correspondents who look like Penelope Cruz.