To me, liberals sound like the pro-war crowd did in 2002–positive that they’re right, and constructing a lot of arguments around their ability to imagine what is going on in the heads of people they don’t know very well, and like even less. Too many conservatives sound like the lunatics heading the ANSWER brigade, who were not content to say that Bush et. al. were really, really wrong about invading Iraq–no, nothing would do but that they also be secret fascists looking for ways to increase the net stock of suffering in the world. And too many on the right are letting these morons talk uninterrupted, including me, I suppose, because I can’t bear to spend any of my precious life moments listening to Rush Limbaugh or someone even worse.

I hated it then, and I hate it now. This country can survive Bush, Obama, or anyone else who is likely to get elected. It cannot survive the moral equivalent of civil war.