‘Try Harder at What, Being a Boy?’: Kennewick School Board Defends Title IX

The Kennewick School Board passed a resolution condemning transgender participation in women’s athletics last week after a Spokane Valley student recently took the state title for the girls’ 400-meter dash. 


Before becoming a state champion, the student raced with the boys, according to the Independent Council on Women’s Sports, and if the individual had done so this year, they wouldn’t have even placed 16th. Now, the Kennewick School Board is taking the reins and attempting to set an example of upholding Title IX. 

While the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association, or WIAA, policy states that “athletes will participate in programs consistent with their gender identity,” Title IX “prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex in education programs and activities.”

The two seek to defend each other; however, the overlap has also led to numerous women losing their chance at winning a championship. While some individuals may identify as female or more gender-fluid, being a biological male gives them an overwhelming edge over their peers. 

Beege Welborn

We need more independent school boards standing up for girls.

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