Kamala Harris Could Win This Election - Let Her

Like many Americans who watched the presidential debate on Thursday night, I knew when it was over that there was no way I was going to sleep. So I did something I almost never do: tuned in to the pundit commentary on cable news. I’m glad I did. Not long after the debate, Vice President Kamala Harris appeared on CNN with Anderson Cooper. Watching her calmly and methodically respond to a battering ram of questions from Cooper, it occurred to me: The obvious, logical path out of the mess President Biden created with his disastrous debate performance is for him to bow out with honor and endorse his young, vigorous and talented vice president to stand in his stead.


I know, I know. You think I just fell out of a coconut tree. Didn’t Harris flame out in the last Democratic presidential primary, leaving just in time to avoid an embarrassing loss in her home state, California? Yes. But to win a primary you must thread the needle of introducing yourself to the base of the party while burnishing the case for your ideas and dissing the talents of your rivals, all while keeping your options open, because your opponents are also your future surrogates and allies. For women — and for Black women in particular — the gender and racial dynamics of a presidential primary race seem especially difficult to navigate.

Those dynamics would play out very differently on a national stage shared with Donald Trump. There, Harris would not be hectoring a fellow Democrat over relatively small differences in policy or attempting to polish her own record in comparison with that of a governor or fellow lawmaker. She can use her true superpower: She will be a relentless prosecutor of the very clear political case against Donald John Trump, a felon, a man found liable for sexual abuse, an inveterate liar, a demagogue, a threat to our democracy and to our Constitution.


Beege Welborn

Okay - before you lose your cookies, I know it's paywalled BUT it was too looney tunes not to share it.

The author uses phrases like, "Harris, with her killer instincts and poise, could have wiped the floor with Trump on the issues that matter most to voters." She moans about how she wishes she could have seen Harris "wipe the floor with Trump" Thursday as she did with Biden in that previous debate's "That little girl on the bus was me" moment.

Which everyone on Earth knows was a preplanned gotcha made up of whole cloth from her highly embellished childhood as a poor black waif.

She was nothing of the sort.

Yeah. Let her run!

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