The MSM Is Panicking

The political press is getting paranoid about the public’s ability to decipher reality from the activist narratives peddled by partisan reporters.

On Tuesday, NBC piled on to the gaslighting commentary from the White House and legacy media with aims to discredit observations of President Joe Biden’s obvious cognitive decline.


“Misleading GOP videos of Biden are going viral. The fact-checks have trouble keeping up,” headlined NBC’s reporting.

“The Republican National Committee, major conservative media outlets and right-wing influencers have succeeded in blasting out videos that they claim show ‘proof’ of Biden’s wandering off, freezing up or even filling his pants with a substance commonly represented by a brown swirl emoji,” NBC reported. “Independent fact-checkers and the Biden campaign have pointed out that the videos, while they are un-doctored by artificial intelligence, tend to crumble under even basic scrutiny, such as when the moments are viewed in context or from wider camera angles.”

David Strom

If the gaslighting gets any worse MSM believers will die of Carbon Monoxide poisoning

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