City of Ft Worth, TX Has Hired Themselves an 'Affirmative Action' Consultant

Advertisement the Department for the purpose of funding a "business equity" study. So, who are they bringing in to perform the study? 

The study will be performed by Colette Holt, owner of Colette Holt and Associates. The company bills itself as a consultant for "issues relating to inclusion, diversity, and affirmative action." Colette Holt is called "a nationally recognized expert in designing, implementing, and defending affirmative action programs." 

Her clients range from cities such as Fort Worth and @CityOfArlington to Harris County and @AustinISD, all the way up to the @TheJusticeDept  and @USDOT. She also consults for @seattlechildren, the hospital infamous for its "Children's Gender Clinic" which grooms and transitions young children. The Seattle Hospital also sued @KenPaxtonTX  for seeking records of any minors who were taken out of state for gender transition surgeries. 

The #scotus may have struck down Affirmative Action for college admissions, and the #txlege may have banned DEI Departments at public universities, but DEI and Affirmative Action are still alive and well in Texas, including in our city governments. 

You may remember earlier this year when the news broke that @JPS_Health scored contract applicants based on diversity metrics, rather than competency. In Fort Worth, these metrics extend far beyond health contracts, into seemingly every contract the City takes on. Fort Worth DEI Czar Christina Brooks - who is again paid more than Governor Abbott - ensures that DEI permeates everything the city does. A search of the City of Fort Worth contracts shows that contract applicants for things as mundane as paint, such as this Sherman-Williams application (, require applicants to prove their commitment to DEI. 

The rot goes far deeper than it seems. We hope that the Legislature will take action against these DEI measures next session.


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