Three Cheers for the ... Ninth Circuit?

What is really galling is that the body imposing the vaccine mandate -- the LA Unified School District, or LAUSD -- keeps changing the vaccine mandate as this case comes close to trial, then moves to have the lawsuit dismissed as moot, because the mandate has been repealed.


Then, after a court obliges and dismisses the lawsuit, they immediately re-institute the vaccine mandate.

Then the plaintiffs re-file the lawsuit, then the LAUSD removes the vaccine mandate, and files a motion to dismiss the lawsuit as moot.

Then they reinstate the mandate again.

They are gaming the courts -- and the corrupt lower court judge was happy to continue allowing them to play this game forever.

But the Ninth Circuit, surprisingly, was not willing to go along with this con.

Ed Morrissey

My friend and former blogger extraordinaire Brant Hadaway represented the workers in this case, and offered a lengthy thread on the legal shenanigans in play. Brant wants accountability from LAUSD's attorneys, who he insists had to know of these material misrepresentations to the court. Read the whole thread, but this is the key:

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