Yale (Inadvertently) Proves the Jews’ Ancient Claim to Israel

Yale institutionally acknowledges the Jewish presence in Israel for at least 3,500 years.

A leader of the SCPs admits that the people he represents had a politically useful identity created from whole cloth about 60 years ago.


3,500 years of inhabitance by the Jews vs 60 years, by the SCPs.

The colonizers of Mandatory Palestine are the Muslims and SCPs. The indigenous people are the Jews.

This raises a very simple question for YDN: “How are you claiming that the demands of the SCPs are substantiated?”

Ed Morrissey

The argument that Jews are colonial settlers on Arab lands is preposterous. The Arabs colonized the homeland of the Hebrews as well as all of North Africa and even Spain (Andalusia) for a few centuries. The Turks then colonized the area as the Ottoman Empire for a few centuries after that. Jews bought the land in Israel and began making it habitable over a few decades, allowing Jews that got ethnically cleansed from Arab lands in the late 19th and early 20th centuries to find a place to live. Close to half of all Israelis are Mizrahi, natives of the region. 

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