'Mary Poppins of Disinformation' Returns

The Biden administration’s former “disinformation czar,” ousted after an apparent attempt to create an Orwellian ministry of truth within the Department of Defense, has launched a new nonprofit that declares criticism of “disinformation researchers” such as herself as a chief threat to the United States of America.


“The campaign against counter-disinformation work is the greatest threat to freedom of expression and academic integrity since the McCarthy era,” Nina Jankowicz said in a press release, pledging that her group would not “allow it to continue.”

“Once researchers are free to conduct their essential work, the American people will gain a better understanding of the nature and severity of the disinformation threats we face,” she said. “Disinformation knows no political party. Its ultimate victim is our democracy.”

Ed Morrissey

Big Sister says what?

And who says that Jankowicz and her ilk aren't "free to do their work"? They can point out whatever they consider to be "disinformation" to their hearts' content. What No-No-Nina means, however, is that they are not free to do their work without criticism and scrutiny, which in the context of 'muh democracy' is about as ironic as it gets. 

Government control over information is the chief threat to any democracy, especially combined with a censorship campaign that silences dissent. Jankowicz is the threat, not the solution. 

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