Come On, Your Honor!

A Dallas County judge declared a mistrial in a murder case Wednesday after she was caught on a courtroom livestream making disparaging remarks about the accused man’s guilt, according to footage obtained and reviewed by The Dallas Morning News.


Judge Nancy Mulder told The News on Wednesday she voluntarily recused herself from two pending cases against Jorge Esparza over comments she made Tuesday — the first day of his trial. ...

“I don’t think he can deal with the crime that he committed,” an unidentified man said off camera, adding he thinks Esparza needs to be put on suicide watch.

“Oh, I don’t know … I think he’s upset he got caught,” Mulder said. “I think he’s crying for himself because he knows he’s going to prison for a long time.”

Ed Morrissey

That certainly doesn't bode well for his eventual trial, but Mulder is correct to recuse after this. She should know better than to make comments pertaining to guilt before the jury decides that question. 

This does remind me just a bit about the scene in My Cousin Vinny where the judge spoils the attempt to demonstrate the visual handicap of a witness. One would think that such events are limited to fiction, but alas ...

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