Trevor Bauer Had Better Learn to Keep It In His Pants

He's an idiot when it comes to his sexual decisions.

What's clear from Bauer's sexual encounters with Hill and Esemonu is that he didn't know these women well at all. Yet, he still made the conscious and proactive decisions to have sexual relations with two women who later attempted to ruin his life. To some degree, Hill succeeded. Trevor Bauer was booted out of the MLB after her allegations, and there appears to be very little interest in bringing him back.


Hill lying - if that's what has happened - is totally unacceptable, unforgivable, shameful and downright disgusting. The exact same can be said for Darcy Adanna Esemonu, who is facing criminal charges.

None of what was just said dissolves Bauer of his responsibility in this situation, and he holds a lot of it. More than most people would like to admit.

Ed Morrissey

MLB needs to reinstate Bauer ASAP, who shouldn't have been suspended in the first place until he'd had his day in court. The league has to answer for their practices here as well.

But Hookstead isn't wrong, either. Decisions and actions have consequences, and making one's self vulnerable to this kind of extortion is a choice that is entirely avoidable. 

To paraphrase the words of Sir Walter Scott: Oh what a tangled web we weave/When first we practice to conceive. 

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