WaPo reporter blames Libs of TikTok for not editing her mistake

In the false Washington Port report posted on Tuesday titled “Trump’s ‘big lie’ fueled a new generation of social media influencers,” Dwoskin and Jeremy B. Merrill wrote: “[Libs of TikTok] was recently suspended after a post led to death threats against providers at Boston Children’s Hospital, and bomb threat caused the hospital to be evacuated.”

According to screenshots provided by Libs of TikTok, the account direct messaged Dwoskin sometime after the report was published pointing out the fact “BCH was never evacuated” and asking “Why are you lying to you[r] reader[s]? You should correct this ASAP.”

The same screenshot shows Dwoskin’s response blaming Libs of TikTok for her lazy research and trust of Lorenz, to tell the truth. “We will be making a correction this morning to reflect that it was put on lockdown and access was restricted. It should go up shortly. Curious why you did not flag this to Taylor when she reached out to you on my behalf?” she whined as if it was a plot to make her look bad. “The term was mistakenly in the note she sent you that you posted.” …

Simply reaching out to the hospital in some way or looking up media reports – you know, actual research – could have saved Dwoskin a lot of embarrassment[.]

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