Joe Biden and the circular firing squad

The political cashing out of the owner of the Washington Post, one of the world’s richest men, and an important supporter of Biden’s candidacy in 2020, is a significant marker both in the Russianization of American politics — where political parties become just another plaything in the hands of oligarchs — and the decline of the Biden presidency. And if she hasn’t already, expect Laurene Powell Jobs to send vibes down the line at the Atlantic to similarly cut loose from Biden.

All of this might seem like an opportunity for the Right, but I have bad news.

For now, cutting ties with Joe Biden doesn’t just mean the beginning of a desperate search for a new future leader of the Democratic Party and a potential president. At this moment, progressives are casting about for the means, the will, and the talent to effect a revolution against the features of the Constitution that allow Republicans to hold power at all. Having lost their monopoly on the Supreme Court, progressives hope to chuck the institution entirely. Unwilling to seriously compete for votes in Montana or South Dakota, they want to abolish the Senate as well. Joe Biden wasn’t just the last tie between modern Democrats and the old mid-20th-century coalition that once dominated our politics — he may have been their last tie to this form of government.