Liz Cheney is the GOP’s worst enemy

Yet in her unhinged, monomaniacal efforts to destroy Donald Trump Liz Cheney has probably gone too far even for the establishment wing of the GOP by aiding and abetting Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic Party in their months-long attempt to discredit the Republican Party as a whole — not Trump alone — by staging a very public partisan circus calculated to reverse the Republicans’ advantage in the coming midterm elections.

She is playing a dangerous political game whose ruthless dishonesty is typified by her emphasis on the word “me” in quoting Trump’s remark, taken from Cassidy Hutchinson’s recorded testimony before the House, that “They [the insurrectionists] are not here to hurt me,” where none exists in the transcript.

While the GOP has frequently been described in the past as “the stupid party” by Republican conservatives impatient with its moderate members and with the RINOS, it is probably not so stupid as to fail to comprehend the damage the member from Wyoming is conceivably doing to her party. And elephants have long memories.