Experts warn that there's no credible evidence Putin is ill

Jeffrey Edmonds, former director for Russia on the National Security Council and an ex-CIA military analyst, told Insider he’s “not seeing anything truly credible” to back-up the notion that Putin is unwell.

“What I and others have seen is a definite change in his demeanor,” Edmonds said, adding that Putin is “normally the voice of calm in Russia but publicly has become more emotional and angry.” This suggests that Putin is “not comfortable with something,” Edmonds added…

The rampant speculation may also be a sign of wishful thinking that Putin’s death would somehow end the brutal war, said Kevin Ryan, a retired US brigadier general and former defense attaché to Russia. Ryan said he’s not seen “any evidence” that Putin is close to death or suffering from something that debilitates him, and emphasized that even if he died it wouldn’t necessarily foster a ceasefire or end to hostilities in Ukraine.

“Of course everyone is going to die, but I don’t think this war is the creation of only Putin,” Ryan said, adding, “His death might affect its course, but the ruling circle which supported him will still be there.”

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