Will Trump help to elect Stacey Abrams?

Will the volcanic Mr. Trump now go Vesuvius and try to bury Messrs. Kemp and Raffensperger in November? The policy differences between Messrs. Kemp and Perdue are small. They should be able to unite against the far left Ms. Abrams, who is running again after building a national media profile. Democrats will pour tens of millions of dollars into the race.

But Mr. Trump is so vindictive toward Mr. Kemp that he occasionally suggests he’d prefer a Gov. Abrams. “Stacey, would you like to take his place?” Mr. Trump told a rally last fall. “It’s OK with me.” This week on his Twitter knockoff, Truth Social, Mr. Trump called Mr. Kemp “the worst Election Integrity Governor in the Country” who “can’t win” the general election.

This is coming from the man who led the Republican Party until 18 months ago, and who might want to return to the White House. His focus on personal grievances is a reminder of how Mr. Trump’s often chaotic governance cost Republicans the House in 2018, the White House in 2020, and the Senate in 2021.

Mr. Kemp beat Ms. Abrams last time by only 55,000 votes, which is small enough that a continuing Trump vendetta could make the difference by reducing GOP turnout. Yet how can Mr. Trump credibly say the best Republican didn’t win, after Mr. Kemp ran away with 74% of the vote? Mr. Trump would be wiser to forgive and focus on the future. If he doesn’t, Republicans can draw the appropriate conclusion as they consider their nominee for 2024.

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