"I go hungry"

Seawright says she used to be able to fill a grocery cart for $200, but now it’s more than $300 to buy the same amount of food. She’s stopped dining out with her children and her mother.


“Even the cost of fast food has gone up, she says. “I just feel like all my money is going to gas or rent.”

She also is behind on her credit card payment for the last month and is worried it will affect her credit score.

“I don’t like to put my credit cards on the back burner,” she says. “But I have to make sure I have food, and gas, and that my rent and electricity bill is paid before I can pay my credit card bills.”

That has also been the experience of Nicole Cardoza, a single parent from Sacramento, California.

Cardoza, a grant writer for a nonprofit and earns $66,000 a year, hasn’t been able to pay her credit cards bills the last couple of months.

“You have a budget and then the cost of gas and the cost of groceries almost double.” says Cardoza, whose daughter is paraplegic. “Normally I can pay off my credit card every month and I can’t do that right now. ”

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