Psst: Republicans don’t have a plan to fight inflation, either

And so, even though inflation should offer ample material for selling the public on their superior economic policies, ambitious Republican politicians are instead fighting with Mickey Mouse. Or punishing immigrant children. Or complaining about fancy ice creams and Peloton. Or otherwise waging culture wars.

But culture wars don’t reduce prices. They don’t stock shelves. They sometimes worsen supply-chain problems, as when Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) recently slowed down border traffic in an effort to own the libs.

It’s not fair, but Republicans get away without offering a plan because they’re not in charge. Democrats control the House, Senate and White House. The public thinks presidents and lawmakers have more sway over the economy than they actually do, and that’s frustrating, but them’s the breaks.

Democrats should still do everything within their (limited) power to curb inflation — and not wait for voters to realize, after the midterms, how little thought Republicans have put into fixing the problem.

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