Kathy Barnette doesn't deny going into Capitol on Jan. 6 in Fox interview

“I was out there because I wanted to hear what the president had to say,” she said, then proceeded to list several of the rights protected by the First Amendment. “So as a law-abiding American citizen, I had every right to go to a rally in support of my president. That is what I was doing there. We had a wonderful time. We prayed. We listened to what the president had to say. We hung out. We walked and sang songs and then we got on our bus and left and came back home. And so that is the beginning and the end of that.”…

Baier again asked Barnette directly: “Just to clarify, you didn’t go into the Capitol that day?”

“I said I sang, I prayed, I listened to my president,” Barnette replied, laughing briefly at one point, “and walked and then got on the bus and came home.”

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