Trump could be facing an endorsement waterloo this week

What may be troubling for the former President ahead of 2024 is that merely putting the Trump stamp on something may not be enough. He can no longer count on being so unique that people who identify with his style of politics are going to follow his every word. There are loads of imitators, so people can get someone who holds the positions of Trump without that person being or being endorsed by him.

Oz is not the only Trump-endorsed candidate who may lose a primary on Tuesday. Scandal-plagued US Rep. Madison Cawthorn is in big trouble too, in North Carolina’s 11th Congressional District. Cawthorn has made a lot of enemies within the Republican Party, including House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, who said Cawthorn had “lost [his] trust.”

Cawthorn’s chief opponent in the GOP primary, state Sen. Chuck Edwards, has benefited from the incumbent’s stumbles. He’s been endorsed by North Carolina Sen. Thom Tillis as well as the highest-ranking Republican officials in the state legislature.

There isn’t reliable polling from the district. But the implied odds from the betting markets have Cawthorn and Edwards neck and neck. That’s quite the change from two months ago, when Cawthorn had about an 85% chance to win.

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