Recession is the real danger for Democrats

Democrats do not tolerate recessions. The modern Democratic Party was defined by former President Franklin Roosevelt as a party devoted to the cause of protecting U.S. workers from economic calamity. A Democratic president who allows a sharp rise in joblessness is betraying his party’s principles just like a Republican president who raises taxes.

The U.S. has experienced 11 recessions since 1950. All of them, save one, began under Republican presidents. The exception was in 1980 under former President Carter. Carter paid a bitter political price. He almost lost the Democratic nomination to former Sen. Edward Kennedy (Mass.), and he was defeated for a second term…

What held Republicans’ losses down in 1982 was a powerful campaign theme articulated by Reagan: “Stay the course!” It worked because voters knew that Reagan had defined a course. He told the country in his first speech to Congress in February 1981, “The taxing power of government must be used to provide revenues for legitimate government purposes. It must not be used to regulate the economy or bring about social change.”

What’s Biden’s plan? He came closest to defining it when he said, “My plan is to lower everyday costs for hardworking families and lower the deficit by asking large corporations and the wealthiest Americans to not engage in price gouging and to pay their fair share in taxes.”

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