Pennsylvania: Oz 28, Barnette 24, McCormick 21

Fifteen percent (15%) are undecided, and were asked a follow-up question on who they are leaning towards. With their support allocated, Oz increases his support to 32%, followed by Barnette with 27%, and McCormick with 26%. Since last month’s Pennsylvania GOP poll, Oz has gained 10 points and Barnette has gained 12 points, while McCormick has lost two points…

There is a generational divide among GOP voters in the Senate primary: 33% of those under 50 break for McCormick whereas those over 50 break for Oz with 38%; just 15% support among those over 50 support McCormick. Barnette does best with 30-64 year old voters with 32%.

Oz trails McCormick in the suburbs 32% to 27%, while Barnette leads Oz in rural areas 31% to 28%. In the urban/city areas, Oz receives 31%, followed by McCormick at 26% and Barnette at 21%.

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