Biden just won't admit when he's screwed up

If the president wants to salvage what’s left of his term, he will have to accept that he misread and misinterpreted his mandate. This acknowledgement would demand both substantive and symbolic reversals, including (but not limited to) policy and staff changes.

Unfortunately, if his recent comments are any indication, Biden doesn’t think he has anything to learn. In that sense, he’s a lot like former President Donald Trump, who also infamously refused to acknowledge his mistakes. This tells me that things are going to go from bad to worse.

Consider Wednesday’s long-anticipated press conference.

Biden volunteered three things that he was going to do differently in his second year: (1) “I’m going to get out of this place more often,” he said, referring to the White House. (2) He would be “seeking… more advice of experts outside, from academia, to editorial writers, to think tanks.” And (3) “We’re going to be raising a lot of money. We’re going to be out there making sure that we’re helping all of those [Democratic] candidates.”

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